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PortVersionDescriptionExperimental?Last modified
audacity2.2.1-1Audio recording and editing program 2017-12-09
avr-binutils2.29.1-1A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files for the AVR architecture 2017-09-27
avrdude6.3-1Download/upload/manipulate the ROM and EEPROM contents of AVR microcontrollers 2017-03-19
babl0.1.40-1Dynamic, any to any, pixel format translation library 2018-01-17
bash-completion-extras0.0-1some additional completions for bashyes2017-03-07
bash-git-prompt1.2.1-1nice, git-aware prompt for bashyes2017-03-12
bindfs1.13.9-1A FUSE filesystem for mirroring a directory to another directory, similar to 'mount --bind', with permission settings. 2017-12-01
boinc-client7.8.6-1The BOINC client and core software for distributed computing 2018-01-17
check-kernel0.3-1Check if the installed kernel is currently running.yes2018-01-08
conky1.10.7-1Light-weight system monitor 2018-01-20
crypt-expiry-check4.0.8-1Surveilance of expiry of gpg-keys and X.509 certificatesyes2017-03-07
cryptfs-daemon0.4.3-1init script to mount crypted filesystems after their requirements, ...yes2017-10-30
eagle7.7.0-1Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor 2017-03-07
enblend-enfuse4.2-1Enblend combines images with smaller overlap into a single large image with no seams. Enfuse combines images with large overlap into a single image with good exposure and good focus. 2017-03-07
ewemake1.2.2-1somewhat more powerfull alternative to 'make'yes2017-12-19
fluid-soundfont2-1FluidR3_GM soundfont 2017-03-07
fox1.6.56-1FOX Toolkit, a nice GUI C++ toolkit 2018-01-17
fpc-src3.0.4-1Sources for the FreePascal compiler (required by the Lazarus IDE) 2017-09-13
fpc-src-ewetools0.2.1-1fpc sources of some useful toolsyes2017-12-19
gdl3.26.0-1GNOME Docking Library 2017-09-10
gegl0.3.26-1graph based image processing framework 2017-12-14
gensort1.5-1Generate input records for the sort benchmarks presented on 2017-03-19
gexiv20.10.7-1GObject wrapper around the Exiv2 photo metadata library 2017-12-29
gimp2.9.8-1The GIMP 2017-12-13
gnome-icon-theme3.12.0-2GNOME icon theme. 2017-03-07
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic3.12.0-2GNOME icon theme, symbolic icons. 2017-03-07
gtkimageview1.6.4-1Simple image viewer widget for GTK2 2017-03-07
guile1.8.8-4Guile is an interpreter and compiler for the Scheme programming language. 2017-03-07
hardlinkedBackups1.2.2-1Generate hardlinked incremental backups via rsync (and possibly through a SOCKS-tunnel via ssh)yes2017-11-20
hashcash1.22-2email anti-spam via proof-of-work. 2017-03-07
hdf51.10.1-1A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data. 2017-04-28
help2man1.47.5-1A tool for automatically generating simple manual pages from program output. 2017-09-27
hugin2017.0.0-1Panorama photo stitcher 2017-07-04
icon-naming-utils0.8.90-2tango icon theme 2017-03-07
intel-ucode2.1.15-1Microcode update for Intel CPUs 2018-01-10
lazarus1.8.0-1Delphi-like IDE for fpc. 2018-01-10
libftdi1.4-1A library to talk to FTDI chips, optional python bindings. 2017-08-07
libircclient1.9-1Small fast portable c library for writing irc clients and bots 2017-03-15
libmypaint1.3.0-beta.1-1libmypaint is a library for making brushstrokes 2017-03-07
libotr4.1.1-1portable OTR Messaging Library 2017-03-07
libpano132.9.19-1Basic library to calculate panoramical pictures - core functions of the panotools 2017-03-07
libquicktime1.2.4-3A library based on quicktime4linux with extensions. 2017-03-07
libunistring0.9.8-1Manipulate unicode and C strings according to the Unicode Standard. 2017-12-01
lilypond2.19.80-1Music notation for everyone. 2017-10-18
logwatch7.4.3-1A tool to summarize log file entries 2017-03-07
logwatch-extra0.8-1extra-capabilities for logwatch: better cron-frontend 2017-03-07
makekernel0.9-1Small script to compile linux kernel.yes2017-06-14
mark-as-expendable-dir0.1-1create CACHEDIR.TAG and .rsync-filter filesyes2017-03-07
mounted0.1-1Wrapper for use by conky to show mounted partitionsyes2017-03-07
openttd-svnr27961-1A FOSS clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe. 2018-01-10
p5-date-manip6.60-1Date manipulation routines 2017-09-01
p5-image-exiftool10.55-1Read and write meta information 2017-06-05
p5-xml-simple2.24-1Perl module to easily read/write XML. 2017-04-17
parallel20171222-1A shell tool for executing jobs in parallel using one or more computers. 2017-12-29
passwort-tresor0.6.1-1Wrapper for gpg to store passwords (and other text)yes2017-11-09
pidgin2.12.0-1multi-protocol instant messaging client. 2017-03-10
pidgin-otr4.0.2-2off-the-record encryption for pidgin 2017-03-07
pigz2.4-1A parallel implementation of gzip and gunzip 2017-12-29
purple-plugin-pack2.7.0-1Wrapper for sendmail, which generates stamps and encrypts.yes2017-04-09
runjobsparallel0.2-1skript for dcron to run daily/weekly/monthly-scripts parallelly instead of sequentiallyyes2017-03-07
scanmem0.17-1debugging utility designed to isolate the address of an arbitrary variable in an executing process 2017-10-15
sendmailadvanced1.3-1Wrapper for sendmail, which generates stamps and encrypts.yes2017-08-18
shutdownasap0.7-1simple script for shutdown waiting for certain processes and files to disapearyes2017-03-07
sl5.02-1SL (Steam Locomotive) runs across your terminal when you type "sl" as you meant to type "ls". 2017-03-07
sox14.4.2-2Audio processing on the console, aka "SOund eXchange" 2017-03-07
szip2.1.1-1Compression software, providing lossless compression of scientific data (HDF4, HDF5). 2017-03-19
tex-gyre-fonts2.005-2Substitute PostScript fonts in OpenType format 2017-03-07
texinfo6.5-1GNU documentation system for on-line information and printed output 2017-09-13
thunderbird52.5.2-1email client from the Mozilla project with stampig-patch 2017-12-22
ufraw0.22-2Standalone or gimp plugin converter for raw files 2017-03-07
update-all0.4.2-1Simple script for installing updated packagesyes2018-01-10
update-ddns0.1.7-1script to update's ddns entries if necessaryyes2017-12-11
urw-fonts1.0.7pre41-1Free good quality fonts gpl'd by URW++. 2017-03-07
vigra1.11.1-1Computer vision library 2017-05-21
wurzel-all0.1-1Wurzel Meta-Klasse fuer LaTeX 2017-03-07
wurzel-misc0.3-1Wurzel Dateien fuer LaTeX (diverses) 2017-03-07
wurzel-mp0.4-1Wurzel Klasse fuer Metapost 2017-03-07
wurzel-old0.1-1Wurzel Klasse fuer LaTeX fuer aeltere Wurzeln 2017-03-07
wurzel-style2008.5-1Wurzel Klasse fuer LaTeX 2017-03-07
wurzel-xml0.1-1Wurzel Interface fuer XML fuer LaTeX 2017-03-07
xfe1.42-1X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer or Commander like file manager for X. 2017-03-07
xmedcon0.14.1-1an open source toolkit for medical image conversion 2017-08-24
xorg-xcalc1.0.6-2Scientific calculator for X 2017-03-07

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